maximise your returns

GoGet is a great service especially when you don’t need car on a daily basis, I love the simple and clean process of booking. You can rent a car for minimum 2hr.

Now I wanted to rent a car for a block of 96hrs but unfortunately there was booking for 2hrs in between during the 96hrs, hence I could not do the booking. As a business GotGet lost business for 94hrs.

How can we solve this problem, what can we do to make sure we don’t loose the flexibility of allowing users to book for 2hrs but also maximise the returns.

Some assumptions:
1. The resources are different, each car is at different location.
2. Once a booking is confirmed you want to honour that.
3. All customers are equal

I have been thinking about this problem and had few ideas :
1. Keep different resources with different block times, for e.g. some resources have a block period of 2 hrs  and some resources have a block period of 24hrs.
2. Build a bidding system on top of the existing system, where you put your request for 96hrs and the existing booking can be requested to move to another resource (with some incentives, like 10% on the current booking etc.). This way we honour the booking but also get the new business. The only catch is this process wont be real time and might take 24hrs to confirm.

I am sure this is a very generic problems in lot of industries where resources are rented for e.g. Hotel Rooms etc.

Thoughts ?


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