Car remotes are so dumb


How often have you parked your car and returned to it to see whether you have locked your car or not or more importantly it’s locked or not. Sometimes kids leave the door ajar, sometimes it’s semi closed and in neither cases the remote would be able to lock the car.

Presently the feedback you get when you lock the car is either visual or audio from the car. It makes a beep or blinks the indicator to tell its locked or unlocked. For me that doesn’t work and I have been thinking of what we can do to change this.

If we have a smart remote which communicates with car, and gets a feedback from the car when the operation was successful or not and displays it to the user either via a small display or some LEDs, wouldn’t that be great.

I would be happy to pay extra to get this remote for sure 🙂

Happy and safe parking !!!

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