electronic vault for credit cards

My wife misplaced her purse for 8hrs while I was travelling and she had to cancel all cards ūüė¶ the good part was the she got the purse back, the bad part that she had called all the banks and cancelled the cards.

I use my credit card as direct debit option across multiple services both geeky and utility based and to be honest I don’t have a list of services where the credit cards are linked.

So for the next 4-6 weeks, I was monitoring my emails, surface mails, sms to  look for any message which talks about payment failure and then going manually and updating the service with the new card.

This whole process was painful, had periods of suspension or discontinuity, required lot of overhead.

As a customer I am happy to pay getpocket few $’s who can keep a track of all my credit card subscriptions and be a single dashboard when such an incident occurs.

Imagine the GetPocket Dashboard

РList of Credit Cards which are subscribed 
– List of services which are direct debit with due dates and amount
– Option to suspend/update the Credit Card which in turn will update the subscriptions.

Paypal does this to some extent but then PayPal is not used everywhere.